How to register?

Registration is only possible after an invitation email with username and password is send to you. Instructions will be send with the registration e-mail. In case you did receive an invitation but not a registration code within a week, please inform the UN PSF Project Organization via e-mail:

Registration officer

It is possible to appoint a registration officer in order to complete registration of a delegation. The delegation provides the UN PSF 2017 Project Organization with contact details of the selected registration officer via e-mail:

Afterwards, the UN PSF 2017 Project Organization will provide the registration officer with a URL, login name and password. The registration officer will be responsible for completing the list of delegates in the delegation, collecting the requisite personal information, electronic passport photo and passport scan, entering the data, and uploading the photo and scan into the online registration system.

Click here to go to the participants section of the website on which you can register.